Maret 08, 2013

Kick-Ass Strategies Calf Great Disguise

Menyiasati bentuk betis yang besarIt has a slim body, often a dream of most women. But unfortunately, not everyone can have it. In fact, not a few also from those who have problems with the size of her calves which can be fairly large.

Although not too concerned, but it can not be denied that the presence of the calf enough to attract the opposite sex. This is what sometimes makes the women appear less confident, especially if you have to use the mini dresses, skirts, or shorts.

How do I work around this right? Check out the step by step, as summarized from various sources F&B special for you, below.


When choosing pants, try to choose a pair of newfangled wide. Starting from the limit of the knee, until the end of the pants. Avoid using bottom pants shrink or street, such as pencil pants. Also, avoid using too leggings because leggings instead will actually reinforce the shape of your calves.

If you still want to use leggings, you should choose a dark color, and made ​​of thick, with a knee-length tunic tops. Do not brightly colored.


If you want to wear a skirt, try to choose a skirt with a piece A-line or H-line, half-calf in length in order to seem more elegant. In addition, when you use it, it will create the illusion that gives the impression that your calves look smaller. Avoid choosing a skirt that has a slit in the front or in the back, and tight like a pencil skirt silhouette.


Avoid shoes with ankle ties on, flat shoes, or shoes with straps angkle shoes, because when you use it instead will make your calves look bigger. To get around, while giving the illusion of your legs so it looks level, is to choose a shoe that intersected large. As Chunky heels or platform shoes, like wedges and high heeled shoes

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