Maret 08, 2013

Deal with Body Shape As Dressed

Bentuk tubuh dan busana yang sesuaiFashion has its own rules in the dress. For example, obese people are advised to avoid the clothes, or clothes with horizontal pattern, or color of clothing, like black and white, is the most natural colors.Getting a neat appearance and beautiful by using the right clothes, often making the most of the trouble. Especially when determining the appropriate clothing to her body shape.To work around this, consider some tips below, which hopefully can help you in choosing the right clothes and appropriate. 
Straight body
 If the owner is a man's body, then he is considered appropriate to use any outfit. Even though Simple clothes. However, in contrast to women. Women who have a body straight, skinny impressed. Therefore, you should choose tops made from thick. It aims to make your body look more proportional, because when you wear it, your body will look fuller.If you want to wear pants, use a pair of rather wide. Do not select, the model slim and tight. For jeans, then use a lower cut jeans with a model, and was advised not to use tight clothes, because your posture will look even thinner. 
Large high 
Someone who is obese or large, you should wear clothes made from lightweight, because it will make you look slimmer. When selecting clothes, try to wear clothes that go beyond the hip, with a long neck piece as a way to cover your body shape is great.If using pants, do not ever use the tight pants and wide, or large, as it will make your body seem bigger. Try using classical jeans, straight pipe model. 
Short body
 If you have a short body, use a vertical line pattern. This motif is a great way to give the illusion of your body in order to look taller. Use a shirt that is not too loose, and slacks or jeans with a low rise and models straight leg, because it will make you look taller. 
Pear shape 
This body shape has a size of the stomach, hips, and buttocks are great. If you want to use a skirt or pants, try to select a shape wide at the bottom, so that you form a major shift in that section. 
Apple shape
For this body shape, if you want to use a skirt, try using a skirt with a flare skirt. It aims to cover your hips are great. Never use a pencil skirt and pointy because it will reinforce that your back is great.In choosing a dress, try to choose clothes with motif V, as a way around the shape of your breasts are great.Noteworthy, choose a model with a more familiar attire body shape, will certainly make you more comfortable and confident when appearing in public. 
Good luck!


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