April 11, 2013

No order misguided Wearing Headbands

Cara tepat mengenakan bandoHairband apparently has been used since ancient Greek times. First Greek women like braiding hair, and wrap it over their heads. Then, the nation Etruscans and Romans, her hair adorned with a touch of precious stones, gold, and silver. Over time, the decoration on top of the head, added to the fabric, which eventually was named headbands headdress.
Now, headbands again present and popular, with a variety of unique and interesting shape. Typically, headbands are used and combined and match with colors matching with your clothes, so that does not seem crowded or splashy. Headbands were a variety of forms, some made of satin ribbon, lace, knit, and so forth.
Wearing a headband can make you look more feminine and beautiful. Interestingly, headbands today can be used to for various events and activities. Starting from just a walk to the mall, to the office, or it could be used by those of you who wear the hijab, as a garnish on the hijab.
However, do not be also the origin of the wear. It could not look more beautiful, you even look excited to make. Here are some tips that you can learn when you want to wear headbands.
Face shapeIf you have a wide face, then choose a headband with a slim shape, not too big or small, so that the form of decoration on top of your head looks. For those who have a narrow face shape, could use a big-sized headbands with unique details, such as beads, ribbons, ornaments or other sweeteners. Meanwhile, for those who have a round face shape, you can balance the headbands that you'll use with headbands that smaller diameter.
HairstyleWhen your hair curly, then choose headbands with simple models and thin, in order to balance the proportion of your hair. Then, if your hairstyle is simple, you can keep up with headbands width or have ornaments.
There are rulesIf you already wear headbands, no more hair to wear flops again, because it will be crowded and plebeian impressed.
Make sure the size of theChoosing and buying headbands, should not just be. However, make sure when you choose headbands, find the size fitting in your head and not cramped. Because if you choose a small-sized headbands, will actually be torment you and make the headache.
Good work!