Maret 08, 2013

Deal Tips Haircut Mistakes

Menyiasati salah potong rambutMost of the people have been cutting hair with the intention to improve her appearance. However, not a few who once cut the hair should feel disappointed to see the results. Not to look beautiful and fresh, you instead look weird.

For women, this can be a huge disaster, because it can reduce his confidence. Instead of constant regret, here are some tips that you can use to get around the bad haircut, as summarized from various sources.

Back To Hairstlylist
The first suggestion is that you can do when looking at the results of your haircut is not in line with expectations, which is returned to the salon your subscription, and there hairstylist for advice on what to do to fix it. Learn to trust the results in their hands.

Too Short
Your haircut is too short? Do not be confused. Remove any hot iron, or vise tool your mainstay. Vise tool can make your hair look more refined, so that it can give the illusion of more length. Alternatively, you could try hair extensions.

Hair Accessories
If the result of cuts bangs too short, and does not fit the shape of your face, then you can use hair accessories, or use a headband to cover it up, or small tongs in your bangs.

If your haircut wrong but still long enough, you can work around this by way of the back ponytail pony tail model. It is one of the most fitting way to cover bad haircut.

Find photos of celebrities
When upset with the results of haircuts, try to find a way around this by having a celebrity haircut similar to yours. Next, follow the way the hair dress that you could be different and confident than before.

Use cap
If you are still not confident to show the results of your haircut, try to use a hat to cover your hair while in the outdoors.

Most importantly, try to learn to accept it as genuine, or be patient a little longer. Anyway, pretty soon your hair will return to normal, right?

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