Maret 08, 2013

Easy Makeup Tricks For The Tomboy

Tampil cantik untuk si tomboyTomboy does not mean no makeup at all familiar, is not it? Certainly, the tomboy still occasionally have to perform air-makeup in front of audiences. However, although the use of makeup, most women still want to have a tomboy own trademark.
As reported by the All Women Stalk, here are some tips to look pretty for the tomboy.
Recognize colorsYour goal is to get to know the color know true color and skin type, so you can combine all the right makeup.
Use eyelinerWant to reinforce the eye? You can use eyeliner. If you use eyeliner, you no longer need to use eyeshadow as eye shadow. You'll look beautiful, but still casual. Confused choosing the right color of eyeliner? If you're a fan of black, then try. Likewise if you like the color blue. However, make sure the colors match the color you have clothes you will wear.
Paint the lipsFor lips, try using a lip balm and followed with lip gloss, so lips look fresher. Besides not flashy, good lip balm to moisturize lips. Try using pink or peach colored lip gloss, lip seem to be healthy and beautiful.
Take advantage blouse onUsing blouse on sometimes take a long time. If not used, use this trick so you look more natural and fresh. How, then applied a thin blouse on the appropriate color texture of skin, just below the cheekbones. If your skin is olive colored, try using a soft pink, white and pale pastel colors used, red or purplish pink. As for the brown skin use warm colors like coral, peach, or brown.
Do not forget, BB CreamBB Cream beauty means balm or blemish balm, a face cream that is generally bundled with moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen, which you can use everyday to make it look more natural, soft, healthy, and certainly protected from the sun.
Good luck and hopefully useful!


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